Tuesday, March 24, 2015

House Projects

Entry Way 
Fresh coat of paint and a big chalkboard. I have new shoe cubbies coming as well.

This is the boys new room, almost finished!

Each have their own cubby (bed)

They also have a very large closet.

We are getting ready to paint the floor grey.

One on the left is Desmond's and it is larger that the other three on the right. Desmond calls it his bed room.
Here he is in his cubby playing/working on legos.

He doesn't tolerate, much less like the camera. I was informed he wasn't finished and therefore would not pose for the picture.


I am a big fan of Lori Pickert and Project-Based Homeschooling. I bought her book years ago and have followed the camp-creek blog regularly. I have been receiving her tip sheets weekly and her tips on procrastination sparked a much needed kick into gear. It is spring break and I have re-organized our learning space. We use the whole house but I enjoy having a room we can gather and work on projects together. I have added bulletin boards for each child for their projects to be displayed and emptied some shelf space.

This is my Project space and some collages I have been working on.

I wanted a standing desk but my husband has a long to do list so... I was thinking, pondering and wondering about my desk and remembered some old file cabinets I needed to go through (ugh) and get rid of. I am tall so they raised my desk to the right height and even better there was no cost!

Everyone now has their own project board now. I spent $28 at the goodwill for 7 bulletin boards.

I am not much of a decorator but my daughter is and I've been inspired by her work.

More organized, less books.

Next week will hopefully bring renewed inspiration for us all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Heros

We Love Captain America(s)!

Daily Happenings

The 5 stages of a broken heart (according to an 8 year old girl).

Puzzles with shapes.

Building legos.

Improvised wheel. Sometimes I think my kids are geniuses. (quite often actually:)

And it works too.