Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I am a big fan of Lori Pickert and Project-Based Homeschooling. I bought her book years ago and have followed the camp-creek blog regularly. I have been receiving her tip sheets weekly and her tips on procrastination sparked a much needed kick into gear. It is spring break and I have re-organized our learning space. We use the whole house but I enjoy having a room we can gather and work on projects together. I have added bulletin boards for each child for their projects to be displayed and emptied some shelf space.

This is my Project space and some collages I have been working on.

I wanted a standing desk but my husband has a long to do list so... I was thinking, pondering and wondering about my desk and remembered some old file cabinets I needed to go through (ugh) and get rid of. I am tall so they raised my desk to the right height and even better there was no cost!

Everyone now has their own project board now. I spent $28 at the goodwill for 7 bulletin boards.

I am not much of a decorator but my daughter is and I've been inspired by her work.

More organized, less books.

Next week will hopefully bring renewed inspiration for us all.

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